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Flower Bud Sex Toys Hong Kong Limited
Dongguan Flower Bud Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Dr. Hong (President)
Cell: 0086-134 1855 3972

E-mail: hong@loveflowerbud.com

Skype: dochonghai

Factory address: Flower Bud Health Science & Technology Park, Tiantoujiao Village, Qiaotou Town, Guangdong Province, China

There is no metro around, the most convenient way to arrive us is to come by train or taxi. We are only 15 minutes drive way from Changping Training Station (In Changping Town of Dongguan City), make an appointment with Dr. Hong, we will drive to pick you up in Changping Trainig Station.


电话:134 1855 3972
厂址:广东省东莞市桥头镇田头角村晓蕾健康科技园 (导航=晓蕾科技园)